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The Rare Find by George Anders

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About The Rare Find and its sequel, Becoming a Rare Find

How can we sort out the mysteries of talent? This question bedevils anyone trying to build a great organization. Conventional hiring systems focus primarily on the simpler, but insufficient task of establishing competencies. That’s a worthy start – but it fails to resolve massive uncertainties about which job candidates will go on to greatness and which ones may never live up to their apparent early potential.

Meanwhile, job hunters face equally vexing challenges in trying to establish their unique strengths in the face of hiring systems that are constantly looking for reasons to get rid of candidates that don’t quite conform. It’s cold comfort to know that Warren Buffett was turned down as a young man by Harvard Business School, or that a series of London publishers showed no interest in buying J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel. Hiring systems at times can seem maddeningly indifferent to great candidates that don’t quite fit the mold at hand.

« Fortunately, better approaches are at hand. For leaders in all walks of life, the original full-length book The Rare Find provides insights into successful recruiting and talent-spotting strategies. For job hunters, the compact e-book Becoming a Rare Find shows how to anticipate what great bosses will be looking for. It explains how to reposition one’s self as a candidate in order to have a better shot at the best jobs in America. »

The Rare Find reveals how the U.S. Army finds soldiers with the character to be in Special Forces, without asking them to fire a single bullet. It takes readers to an elite basketball tournament in South Carolina, where the best coaches and scouts watch the game in a radically different way from what the casual fan might see.  It introduces a trio of bookish researchers who are applying remarkable new ideas to process of hiring Fortune 500 CEOs.  
Drawing on the best advice of these and other talent masters, The Rare Find delivers powerful ideas that you can apply to your own hiring efforts.  For instance:

  • Don’t ignore “the jagged résumé” -- people whose background appears to teeter on the edge between success and failure. Such people can do spectacular work in the right settings, where their strengths are invaluable and their flaws don’t matter.
  • Look extra hard for “talent that whispers” -- the obscure, out-of-the-way candidates that most scouting systems overlook.
  • Be careful with “talent that shouts” -- the spectacular but brash candidates whose positive qualities might not outweigh future problems with loyalty, motivation, and team spirit.




Becoming a Rare Find by George Anders
Becoming A Rare Find

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Merchants of Debt

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About Merchants of Debt

* Selected by BusinessWeek as one of the eight best business books of 1992

* "Required reading for everyone who got rich, lost a job or watched in consternation as Wall Street' juggernaut swept the U.S. economy."
-- Michael Lewis, author of The Big Short, Moneyball and Liar's Poker

* "For anyone interested in what makes Wall Street tick, then or now, this is an enlightening book."
-- Atlanta Journal and Constitution

* "Something refreshing and important: a book that reckons seriously with Wall Street's innovations and achievements, even as it chronicles its recklessness and intrigues,"
-- New York Times Book Review

* "A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the firm which came to symbolize a decade of Wall Street excess."
-- Bryan Burrough, co-author of Barbarians at the Gate

* Translated into Japanese, Spanish and Indonesian



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About Health against Wealth

* "Lucid, readable, penetrating ... deserves the widest possible audience."
-- Michael DeBakey M.D., pioneering heart surgeon

* "The best current book about managed care."
-- Arnold Relman M.D., former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine

* "A compelling example of investigative journalism at its best,"
-- Philadelphia Inquirer

* "An astonishing piece of reporting ... written with the pace and tension of a thriller. The book works because of Anders's ability to capture the issues he tackles by telling the stories of real people."
-- Toronto Globe and Mail

* "If you're about to pick a health plan for yourself and your family, read this book first."
-- The Washington Post

* Featured in the PBS "Frontline" program: "The High Price of Health."


Perfect Enough

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About Perfect Enough

* A New York Times bestseller

* "A riveting look at the rise and near-fall of a great American company."
- Wall Street Journal

* "A painfully human drama whose lessons -- about the tug-of-war between tradition and tomorrow, between familiarity and flexibility -- stretch far beyond Silicon Valley."
-- The New York Times

* "Anders tells three intertwining stories. The first is a contemporary account of Hewlett-Packard, the second deals with the ascendancy of Carly Fiorina to the presidency and her leadership in that lofty position, and the third details the battle over the company's proposed merger with Compaq and near implosion in the process. Any one of these stories would be interesting by itself, but the interplay is fascinating."
- Library Journal

* Translated into Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


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