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GEORGE ANDERS is a contributing writer at Forbes and the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller Perfect Enough. While covering health care for The Wall Street Journal in the 1990s, he shared in a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. He lives in northern California.
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The original hardcover book, The Rare Find, will help you spot talent more effectively, so you can build winning teams in any organization. This 276-page book draws on 2 ½ years of research on the front lines of America's constant hunt for greatness. You will learn about "the jagged resume," "talent that whispers," and "talent that shouts." You will gain inside access to talent-hunting techniques used everywhere from Facebook to the FBI. The book’s concluding chapter provides 15 ways business leaders can put The Rare Find’s lessons to work.

For job hunters wanting to be recognized as standout performers, try the compact digital sequel: Becoming a Rare Find: How Jagged Resumes Lead to Great Jobs. This 50-page e-book is packed with insights and easy-to-use tools to help you in your career. It is available for instant download.

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To learn more about The Rare Find, read a major excerpt in BusinessWeek or shorter adaptive essays from Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post and a Q&A with business guru Dan Pink. Notable reviews have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Inc Magazine
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